COVID-19 Affects Memorial Day Events

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WACO, TX. On memorial day, people usually hit the beach or throw hot dogs on the grill. However, people in Central Texans have other plans.

“My plan is to just sit around and play on my bass guitar,” said Waco Resident, Ronald Vooker.

“Not doing anything because of COVID-19 and I’m off work,” says one woman.

Many of the reasons is due to the on-going pandemic.

“This year its secluded, everyone is in shelter in-place, everyone has to have a mask, its different,” said Resident, Joshua Spitzer.

The importance of the day is to honor servicemen and women who died while in combat.

However, ceremonies like the Harker Heights Remembrance and the National Parade of heroes have switched from in-person to virtual.

On Memorial Day at 3PM local time, Americans are asked to take a moment of silence to remember the fallen heroes.

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