BELTON, Texas (FOX 44) – Today Maya Maxwell took the witness stand for an emotional and heart wrenching testimony in the capital murder trial of Cedric Marks.

She is also charged with the murders of Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin and testified on the events leading to their deaths.

On January 3rd, she says Marks asked her to drop him off at a friend’s house before turning himself in for a warrant out for his arrest.

However, it was actually the house of Michael Swearingin — after suspicion that marks was cheating on her, maxwell went back to the house to find Jenna Scott handcuffed to a table, but Marks was not there. Maxwell left in fear.

Hours later she says Marks arrived with Michael Swearingin and Jenna Scott and put them in separate bathrooms handcuffed.

She testified Marks first went to the bathroom where Swearingin was at.

Maxwell says marks told Swearingin you’re going home while he was in handcuffs. Swearingin replied, “thank you.” Shortly after Marks placed Swearingin in a chokehold and strangled him.

Swearingin, passed within 5 minutes according to Maxwell. Next marks went into the other bathroom where Jenna Scott was handcuffed. He walked her in to see Swearingin. He then shut the door. Maxwell says she heard the same sounds from Scott as she did Swearingin.

Both struggled before passing but Scott struggled a little longer than 5 minutes.

Marks then drove Swearingin’s car to Austin to drop it off in a quote “sketchy neighborhood.” and she followed in the car behind that held the two bodies in trash bags.

Maxwell says she was terrified and felt if she sought help Marks would find her. Marks did a thorough cleanup of Swearingin’s car with peroxide. Marks and Maxwell then drive back to the Adney residence in Temple where Marks cleans up blood and any trace for a solid hour.

Maxwell said Marks then decided to bury the bodies in Henrietta Oklahoma near a family grave.