FREESTONE COUNTY, Texas – Freestone County Sheriff’s deputies and a constable have brought an over 24-hour-long standoff to an end.

Deputies were sent to a crime scene on Sunday night, which involved three Aggravated Assaults with a Deadly Weapon and included a hostage situation with a barricaded subject. The department said on social media that this situation was safely settled for everyone involved.

An initial report was received in dispatch that a man threatened three of his family members with a firearm, as he pointed it at their heads. Two men were able to escape out of the home, but a woman was only able to make it into a bathroom area and locked herself in.

The sheriff was able to make contact by telephone with the man with the firearm inside the residence in order to attempt a negotiation. The man refused to surrender – but through negotiation was willing to allow the woman to be taken from the home.

Freestone County deputies and a constable were able to successfully breach the residence and remove the woman from harm. It was discovered the man inside the home barricaded himself inside a bedroom with multiple firearms, and advised he would not be arrested alive. The Sheriff’s Office and constable kept watch on the residence for the next several hours, and continued to try and make contact. Just after dark, there had been no movement or noise heard within the home.

Nearing 24 hours, the Sheriff’s Office attempted to make contact again through the bedroom door. There was no response and no noise. The bedroom door was breached, and at this time the man was seen within the bedroom area with a firearm.

Less lethal tactics were used, such as gas, and the man eventually surrendered.

Source: Freestone County Sheriff’s Office