Delta Variant sweeping the nation now in Central Texas

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WACO, Texas — The Delta COVID-19 variant is sweeping across the nation and the globe, and is now the dominant variant of the virus.

“We know that about 6.9 percent of the cases in Texas are Delta variant, so it is slowly creeping in and taking over as our dominant COVID variant. So we need to be aware that this is the coming future for COVID,” Kelly Craine said, the Communication Lead of the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District.

The Delta variant is a mutation of the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, and is more contagious than the original.

Bell County Public Health Chief Epidemiologist Costa Claver has already seen multiple cases in his area.

“It’s actually in Central Texas, it is,” he said. “Last week we reported, we had our first report of six cases of Delta variant.”

Claver went on to explain that there are two kinds of the Delta variant – the original and Delta Plus – but the only cases he has seen in Bell County were the original Delta strain.

The Waco-McLennan County Health District has yet to have any officially-documented Delta cases, but they do agree they are here in Central Texas – and officials explain the only way to be protected is to get vaccinated.

“So our main takeaway for people is to get vaccinated,” Craine said. “Really, that is the key. If you’re not vaccinated, you are at risk.”

“You are at higher risk for not just Delta, but for any kind of COVID variant,” she added. “You are at risk. The key to protecting yourself against this Delta variant is to get vaccinated.”

Claver echoed Craine’s words, explaining that those who are unvaccinated and spent the holiday weekend with others are at a higher risk for infection – and if symptoms are spotted, they should get tested immediately.

“The most important thing is, like, you don’t wait to get the second symptom for you to go to the doctor,” he said. “So long as you feel the first, go. Something that is not usual to your health. Go see your doctor and get tested.”

To find a vaccination clinic, you can click here.

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