GROESBECK, Texas (FOX 44) – A Groesbeck family needs your help during their time of need.

Family members tell FOX 44 News that on Wednesday, February 1, seven-year-old Anniston Kate – also known as “Nannie” to those closest to her – was home from school due to the severe winter weather conditions. Anniston saw a fire in her driveway and went to see what happened.

The ice and bad weather caused a tree limb to down a power line. Anniston grabbed the live power line – not realizing what it was. Anniston got shocked, and when she screamed her ten-year-old brother Connor ran to her and grabbed her hand. Connor was immediately shocked too, and the burst of electricity knocked him backward – but he never let go of Anniston’s hand.

According to family, Connor pulled Anniston off the live wire when he fell and saved her life. However, Connor suffered second-degree burns to his thumb – but was later released from the hospital.

(Courtesy: GoFundMe)

Anniston received more extensive injuries, and was transferred to the Shriner’s Hospital in Galveston. Family says she is “receiving the best care possible”, but she also has a long road to recovery.

Nycole McMahon, Anniston’s aunt, says: “Nannie is a true miracle as the electricity left her body out of her feet, hands, hips, wrists, shoulders, and head….. but by the Grace of God, it never touched her heart or lungs. It should be impossible for her to be with us today but we are thankful that she is alive and will recover in time. Nannie will need to be at Shriner’s Hospital for several weeks and require multiple surgies for her recovery.”

A GoFundMe was created to help Josh and Heidi, Anniston’s parents, raise money to help cover her medical expenses, lodging and food while they are in Galveston. The fundraiser will also give assistance to pay for their expenses at home – as neither will be able to work while they stay with her – in addition to the gas needed to travel back and forth to see their other three children. They are in the care of relatives.

As of Tuesday morning, the family has raised over $22,000 of their $30,000 goal.

Nycole has since given an update on the GoFundMe – saying that Anniston has had amazing victories since arriving at Shriner’s hospital. She has gained enough strength to move herself into a sitting position in her bed, has been able to sit on the edge of her bed and “beat her parents in Uno.”

Nycole says Anniston is able to walk with assistance around her floor and has successfully completed her first surgery.

Anniston is set for another surgery on Tuesday. If you would like to make a donation to assist the family, you can go here.