MEXIA / GROESBECK, Texas (FOX 44) – Mexia and Groesbeck are planning for their big game coming up on September 23, which has also led to a Chamber Challenge for Battle of the River!

Both the Mexia and Groesbeck Chambers are challenging their communities to collect the most funds for their respective schools, and to have some good ol’ fasioned fun! There will be merchant jars placed throughout both cities. The Chamber that collects the most money for their district wins! This challenge will run through September 26.

All collections in Mexia will be donated to the Mexia Independent School District. Those in Mexia who want to make a larger donation can make a check to the Mexia Chamber and drop it by the Chamber Office.

All funds collected in Groesbeck will go to the Groesbeck Independent School District. Donations can also be taken directly to the Groesbeck Chamber by dropping off donations at the Groesbeck Journal or Chamber offices.

(Courtesy: City of Mexia, City of Groesbeck)