MILLS COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – The Mills County Sheriff’s Office is seeking donations to help train and equip “guardians” at nearby schools.

Chief Deputy Chris Green tells FOX 44 News that the Sheriff’s Office has been “heavily involved” in communicating with Mills County schools regarding their guardians and school marshalls. Green says these are individuals at the schools who can carry firearms during school hours to protect the students and staff from any threats.

Green says the department would like to start training these individuals so they can act when any emergency occurs, as opposed to waiting for it to happen and finding out the hard way.

The Sheriff’s Office plans to use funds from their asset forfeiture account – which are the proceeds raised by the sale of assets seized as a result of criminal investigations – for training, and transportation and travel expenses incurred during training, for these individuals.

The Sheriff’s Office is also going to set up an account at MCBank in Goldthwaite designated “Defend Our Kids,” and any donations received would go toward this same project.

The Sheriff’s Office also wants to purchase equipment like ballistic shields and rifle-resistant vests. They are looking to have three sets of equipment at Goldthwaite CISD, and two sets each at both the Mullin and Priddy schools.

Plans are underway to try to conduct two full days of training, with multiple sessions per day. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department might also assist in this effort.

For more information on how to help, you can contact the Mills County Sheriff’s Office at 325-648-2245, or MCBank at 325-648-2216.