KILLEEN, Texas – A group of pigs in Central Texas needs your help.

55 pigs were seized by Killeen Animal Control three weeks ago during an investigation. The owner agreed to surrender ownership immediately. This allowed Killeen Animal Control to begin reaching out to rescues, one of which was non-profit My Pig Filled Life in Wills Point, Texas. The non-profit has agreed to rescue these pigs.

The owner of these pigs was Lina Haygood/Lina Vu of Miso Happie Mini Pigs (who has many other aliases and business names). 65 pigs were also seized from her Bastrop County home in 2016. Those pigs were found among other dead carcasses, doing their best to survive with no food. This case did not result in criminal charges, and she was allowed to keep 14 pigs.

Lina relocated to California shortly afterward and started her businesses again – this time for puppies and piggies. In February of this year, she returned to Texas.

She once again began breeding pigs and wasn’t feeding them. The pigs began to escape fences to look for food. After complaints from neighbors, animal control went out to execute a warrant. They were greeted by multiple dead pigs and a large herd of hungry, thirsty and neglected pigs.

As of today, there are 53 pigs being held at an animal control facility. While the living conditions there are much better, the facility has no shelters and are not equipped for pigs.

My Pig Filled Life took two of the pigs back to their rescue. They were the worst of the bunch and needed immediate vet care. Many of the others also appear to be suffering from pneumonia.

The final count will likely be higher, as several females are pregnant. My Pig Filled Life will be taking these pigs on with the support of the community.

There are 31 female pigs, and most appear pregnant with some due any day now. 24 male pigs are all unaltered. Two pigs remain uncaught. 70 percent of the herd appears to be under one year of age and 30 percent are adults.

The non-profit is targeting the first week of December for transport from Animal Control to its quarantine site. Preparations will need to be done prior to the pigs arriving, including shelters and multiple pens sectioned off. Spays and neuters will also need to begin as soon as the pigs are deemed healthy enough for sedation.

The county has granted the non-profit two weeks to get these pigs moved, otherwise they will be facing a livestock auction. Fundraising and vetting needs to happen quickly in order to save these pigs.

You can make a donation here.

Source: My Pig Filled Life