DPS Reminds Texans of School Zone Driving Rules

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As students get excited to go back to school in person, the Texas Department of Public Safety wants to remind drivers to be aware and pay attention.

Some of their tips include giving students extra room and not assuming they are paying attention to traffic.

“Kiddos are looking at their phones or they’re listening to something, and so they may not be paying attention to their surroundings,” Sgt. Johnny Bures said. “Really make sure that you’re watching for those kiddos.”

They ask that drivers not block cross walks because it might throw young kids off.

Also, to look out for kids on bikes and on foot as they’re traveling to and from school.

“A lot of time in neighborhoods, kids are riding their bikes to school,” Sgt. Bures said. “If they’re running late, they may not stop at stop signs.”

For parents driving their kids to school, DPS said to make sure and tell your kids to stop at stop signs and look for cars.

Even if you aren’t driving in a school zone, there might still be kids in any neighborhood walking to school or a bus stop.

DPS wants to remind parents who are driving their kids to school to make sure their kids buckle up.

“Not only is it state law, we want everyone to be safe,” Sgt. Bures said. “We don’t want any kind of injuries or anything like that from a crash where if someone would have been secured in the seatbelt, that could have been prevented.”

All of these steps can help avoid an accident.

“If everyone gets to school and work safely, then it’ll be as good school year,” Sgt. Bures said.

You can see a full list of school zone driving tips here.

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