BRYAN, Texas – Residential and commercial development is booming in Bryan.

Over the past decade, Bryan has seen a gradual uptick in the number of building permits issued and new homes and businesses constructed.

So why has Bryan been experiencing this steady growth? The city has all of the characteristics which make development attractive – mainly the availability of land. Members of Bryan’s leadership have made a push to proclaim that “Bryan is open for business.”

The city has seen record-setting numbers posted in the past two years, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Bryan issued a record number of building permits for Residential Single-Family Detached homes in 2020 – 720 of them. The city then broke this record in 2021 – issuing 955 of these types of permits.

Among all permit types, including new residential and construction, remodeling, manufactured homes and more, Bryan issued a record 2,597 permits in 2020. This record was broken in 2021 – with 3,527 issued. This is nearly 1,000 more than the previous record-setting year.

Several areas of Bryan are seeing growth – both residential and commercial. New subdivisions are being built to the east and west of Bryan – and just as important is the commercial growth and new businesses which are creating jobs and helping to keep the local economy churning.

Midtown is an area riding the growth train, due in part to the development of Travis Bryan Midtown Park.

(Courtesy: City of Bryan)

This growth is also becoming a self-perpetuating cycle. More residential growth creates the need for more commercial services and amenities – which in turn makes the city more attractive to people wanting to move to Bryan and buy houses, creating a need for more residential structures. Then the cycle repeats.

Source: City of Bryan