Facebook group help spread the word about bike traps in Cameron Park

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WACO, Texas –  Park rangers and local bike riders are asking for your help to find those responsible for setting up traps on Cameron Park Trails.

The Facebook group page Ride Cameron Park shares updates of the trails’ conditions. These pictures are from the Facebook page, where the group says they show traps someone set up to injure bikers on the park trails.

“It helps us be aware of things, let us know where they are, if they’ve been removed. That way we know when we’re out riding out in the park, we know to be aware of that. There may be these things around blind corners,” says biker Rusty Steed.

Nicole and Rusty ride the trails frequently. They say with the help of other people in the group, they have been fortunate enough to not run through the traps.

“That’s one of the positive things of social media. That it gets the word out faster that way. Other people are aware of it. It keeps me on my toes to be more aware of, unfortunately, looking for situations like that,” says biker Nicole Perez.

Typically, bike riders are going 15 to 20 miles per hour while riding the trails.

“The sport is dangerous anyway, but having things strung across the trails and traps trying to hurt people is what it makes it dangerous,” says Steed.

Setting a trap is a misdemeanor. If a person gets injured, it could result in a felony assault charge.

“Right now, we also have a grassroots project that has raised about $500 for the reward to the information relating to the people who are doing it,” says Steed.

Park rangers encourage park patrons to report any unsafe conditions they may encounter while visiting the park. If you have any information about the traps, contact the police.

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