Marlin (FOX 44/KWKT) — Seniors at Marlin High School will not get their diplomas on Thursday as first planned. Graduation will now take place sometime in June.

School Superintendent Dr. Darryl Henson confirmed with FOX 44 News the graduation date has been moved because the majority of seniors did not meet graduation requirements. The key factors seem to be attendance and grades.

As of 10:44 a.m. Wednesday morning, Dr. Henson says 17 of 38 seniors had met graduation requirements. On Sunday, the number was five being able to walk across the stage on May 25th. Over the last three days, school officials have been conducting audits and students have been doing work to hopefully increase that number, according to Dr. Henson.

Dr. Henson released a statement saying, “Our commitment to excellence remains unshaken. We hold firm to our belief that every student in Marlin ISD can and will achieve their potential. We maintain high expectations, not as an imposition, but as a show of faith in our students’ abilities. As we navigate these challenges, one thing is clear: students in Marlin ISD will be held to the same high standard as any other student in Texas.”

FOX 44 News has also confirmed that Marlin High School Principal will not be returning for the next school year. Marlin ISD is switching to a 4-day school week in the Fall.

Marlin ISD is holding an informational meeting 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night at the high school auditorium to discuss the graduation issue. FOX 44 News will be there and will provide a full report on FOX 44 News @ 9 p.m.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) gave Marlin ISD an ‘A’ First rating and a ‘B’ Accountability rating in 2022.