MARLIN, Texas (FOX 44) – UPDATE: The City of Marlin released an update on Friday morning saying electricity at the Marlin water plant has been restored.

The City says the towers continue to have water reserves, but will need time to refill. Some homes remain without power, but Oncor crews are continuing efforts to restore power to everyone.

This comes after the City issued a statement earlier on Friday morning – saying that due to the weather, the backup generator suffered an internal failure. Special parts have been ordered, but will not arrive before this Monday.

Fire Chief/Emergency Manager Justin Parker was checking to see if the state can deliver an emergency backup generator to the water plant on Saturday in case electricity was not restored.

The City’s Regional Director for Oncor says that Marlin is now priority number one for restoration of the water plant. Additional personnel were diverted from West to Marlin to assist in this effort.