ROSEBUD-LOTT, Texas (FOX 44) – A report of an attempted child abduction at a football game is “incorrect”, according to the Falls County Sheriff’s Office.

Superintendent Jim Rosebrock said in a statement to parents and staff that the district was notified that a young boy was able to free himself from the would-be kidnapper at the Chilton High School home football game on Friday, September 9. The boy bit and kicked the attempted kidnapper. The attempted kidnapper has not been apprehended, and is still on the loose.

Rosebrock went on to say that since Rosebud-Lott ISD is within close proximity of Chilton ISD, the administration is asking for the cooperation of all parents at home football games – by keeping children in the stands with them. Adults should also accompany minors to bathrooms and concession stands. Students playing behind concession stands or uncovered areas will be escorted to stands to be seated with an adult.

Rosebrock says Rosebud Lott ISD does not have the personnel available to supervise every single area in the football field on game nights. Its Campus Resource Officer is at all home football games, plus elementary and secondary administrators are on duty on the visitors and home sides – as well as teachers and staff assisting with crowd control.

The superintendent says repeated violators of these requests will be asked to leave the stadium.

However, the Falls County Sheriff’s Office said on social media on September 16 that after this situation was brought to their attention, they are “unsure” of where the district got this information, and the Sheriff’s Office says this notice was “incorrect.”

The Sheriff’s Office says there was an incident that occurred which is being investigated, but there is no indication that an attempt to kidnap or remove a child from the stadium ever occurred. The Sheriff’s Office says they would make this information readily available to the public in the interest of the safety of the community.