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WACO, Texas – With more people staying home than ever before due to the Coronavirus, several Texas cities are seeing a rise in domestic violence.

The Family Abuse Center in Waco serves eight counties in Central Texas, and they are working hard to protect their clients from the spread of COVID-19.

“Our councilors are still seeing people, but they see them virtually instead of face-to-face. Our case managers, our shelter, everything is operational,” says Kathy Reid, the Executive Director of the Family Abuse Center.

For some families, the virus may be creating issues beyond the illness.

“Our colleagues across the state, particularly in big cities, are have data to support that they’re seeing an increase in calls. We haven’t necessarily seen that in Waco – but then again, we haven’t had as big of an impact by Coronavirus here yet,” says Reid.

The center is preparing for the possible increase in calls.

“For us here in Waco, we are more in the mode of preparing for what we hope isn’t an onslaught of calls. The past couple of weeks we’ve been making sure we can do virtual, telehealth and counseling sessions, making sure we can meet with clients. We’ve been making sure we can work remotely while keeping everything functioning,” says Reid.

According to Reid, the rise in calls is due to the additional stress being placed on families.

“The stress people are going through in terms of having children home, confined spaces, and a hit on their economics. That kind of family is under a lot of stress, and then if you add domestic violence to it, it becomes another serious situation,” says Reid.

For more information on the Family Abuse Center, you can click here.

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