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January 01 2022 12:00 am

TEMPLE, Texas – A Temple man who experienced homelessness for over two months is now on track to regain his life back after being reunited with family last week.

Donald Adcox lived in the streets of Temple with just $5 in his pocket. Thanks to the volunteers and workers at Feed My Sheep Temple, he was reunited with a cousin he had not seen in ten years.

“It feels great right now. It feels like I got a life again,” said Donald, who was reunited with his cousin Jim.

Like anyone, Donald never imagined he would be homeless.

“Once the pandemic hit last year, everything slowed down. Couldn’t find work. Started losing things, my vehicle, a house, and depleted all my funds I had in the bank, and ended up on the streets,” said Donald.

He began using the resources at Feed My Sheep Temple – including their phone to locate his sister.

“Over the weekend, I started getting some Facebook messages from a woman that says, ‘Do you know Donald Adcox?’ I said, ‘Yes, we know Donald. He’s been coming in here. He’s been trying to find his sister,'” said Kristy Cox, Resource Officer Manager for Feed My Sheep Temple.

Donald’s sister contacted their cousin Jim, who lives in Rockdale, and he did what any family member would.

“I told her, I said, ‘I’ll find him. I’ll find him for you.’ And so I did,” said Jim Adcox, Donald’s cousin.

With the help of a Feed My Sheep volunteer, the two were reunited in less than ten minutes.

“I was sleeping in a field behind a house about two, three blocks down,” said Donald. “That’s the first thing he said, ‘You’re going home with me. You have a home.'”

“We were so excited. We were all crying. And it’s very emotional to get somebody back with their family after so long,” said Cox.

Both men are thankful for the ministry.

“There’s no telling where I would be right now. Probably just wondering the streets trying to survive,” said Donald.

This demonstrates that no matter how bad a situation is – never lose hope.

“We do everything we can in here to help people have hope, and that’s just something that can’t be taken away from anyone,” said Cox.

Donald is now on track to get his vision checked so that he can get a driver’s license and get a job.

Feed My Sheep Temple is always accepting donations. You can click HERE to learn more about the ministry and the work they do in the community.

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