Fiery questions over food truck fire

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WACO, Texas – Fat Homemade Burger shared the video of their food truck catching on fire. Owner Lakita Evans and her family were inside the truck coming from Mexia back to Waco.

“I was rolling down the street, everything was fine, next thing you know, I heard a snap, crack, and pop, and next thing you know, the fire rushed us in our face,” Evans says.

The fire destroyed everything inside the truck – including her earnings for that day.

“I didn’t think about that until I got out, and I was all like, ‘Did anybody grab the backpack?’ And they were like, ‘No,'” Evans says.

Hearing the news about the fire, people in the community wanted to pitch in and help Evans by donating to her GoFundMe page. But then FOX44 News received a call from Jabias ‘J.B.’ Jones, who claims she loaded Evans’s money back in December 2020 to get the food truck running in the first place. Jones says Evans hasn’t been paying her back.

“It was weird looking to attach a lawsuit to her GoFundMe page. If so, because one way or another, I have to get my money back. Because it was $10,000,” Jones says.

FOX44 News asked Evans for her take on this statement, “She lent me what? $20,000. Oh, the devil is a lie,” says Evans.

Jones says she is a private investor who loans money to other small businesses. She sent FOX44 News copies of the contract appearing to have Evans’s signature.

“This will be a first for me that I have anyone not pay one full payment, as agreed per contract, at all,” says Jones.

She also showed FOX44 News a lawyer notice saying if the loan isn’t paid, a lawsuit will be filed against Evans.

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