TEXAS (FOX 44/KWKT) — Fire first-responders are warning many Texas counties that this week alone is seeing record highs when it comes to fire dangers.

As we move further into August, weather experts say they are not seeing an end to the hot weather conditions in sight. With multiple days of historic highs and a lack of rain, firefighters are more now than ever active and concerned with heightened risk of forest fires.

Texas A&M Forest Services Prevention Team member Mary Leathers is urging Texas community members to be extremely vigilant in preventing fires, “You have 29 counties, right now, that we’re focusing our messaging on – whether it be fliers trying to remind people of the critical conditions about about how to prevent these starts by using a common sense approach about remembering how dry it is.”

She also says to think about our volunteer firefighters.

“Remembering that this is your friend and neighbor that may be responding to a fire. So do what you can to reduce the risk,” Leathers adds.

As the conditions get hotter and dryer, it is imperative to remember the burn bans placed on many counties. If not followed, you can face fines or jail time.

“No open flames, no burning barrels, no charcoal or wood fired fires. If you’re welding or using cutting torches outside, you need to pay attention to what those rules and restrictions are,” says Leathers.

For more information on fire awareness and prevention, you can visit here and here.