Temple (FOX 44) — In total, 73 vehicles were damaged or destroyed. Although the cause is still under investigation, initial reports indicate the fire possibly started from an inappropriately discarded cigarette in the parking area.

Four firefighters and two civilians were evaluated and released by EMS on scene for heat related injuries and an anxiety attack. According to the Robinson family farm’s Facebook page, the fire happened around 1:15 this afternoon in the parking lot which lead to festivities being shut down.

Bell county officials are reporting that the fire was completely under control a little after four pm. Upon arrival, fire crews were able to move some of the cars out of the way in order to save them from destruction.

“Several people were running, crying. There is one lady saying that their car was just a week old–a brand new car. It’s just gone,” said Linsey Rucker, who was at the farm when the fire started.

She says, she got a phone call from her friend who saw the fire start with the flick of a man’s cigarette.

“She said linsey there’s a fire. We even have a voice mail where she’s yelling at the guy telling him it’s going over cars. It was that cigarette that started it,” said Rucker.

That’s when she heard cars blowing up and tires popping–and knew it was already too late to save her car which was in the middle of the thick black smoke.

“It happened fast. By the time I turned around, there was already cars offed in flames. So it was fast,” she said.