WACO– People from across Texas, and some from across the country, traveled to Waco this weekend for the first ATG Expo.

The comic con featured a wide range of things to do including vendors, cosplay, gaming, and disc golf.

Co-owner Christian Dietering says one of the goals for this con was to introduce people to new things.

“Not everybody grew up with anime, not everybody got to go to the comic book store, so this is my way of saying no, no, this is really cool,” Dietering said.

Game developers for old systems, board games, and computer games were all in attendance.

One of the cosplay groups there was the Austin Area Ghostbusters. They raise money for different nonprofits.

“This is the first time we’ve done a con in Waco,” team lead Eugene Stephens said. “The people seem great.”

Deitering says some of his favorite parts about the weekend include seeing the attendees leave happy, the personal connections made, and the nostalgia some of the games and products bring people.

One of those nastolgic activities was Worlds of Wonder laser tag.

“There were people who were going into the laser tag room and then kind of geeking out because it was like, oh my gosh, I remember the commercials like back in the 80s for this game, and they hadn’t played it since then,” Dietering said.

Also some gamers who play online together got to meet this weekend.

“That was super awesome, seeing all of them get to know each other,” Dietering said. “It’s your game buddy, you know him as a screen name, but it’s like, no, no, you actually get to meet him and shake his hand or give him a hug.”

Kate Sanders attended the expo and says she was excited about the new experience.

“I’ve never seen some of the things here, like some of the pictures and stuff, so it’s really exciting,” Sanders said.

Deitering says he’s already been working with the Convention Center to set dates for 2023.