WACO — As the temperatures start to drop in Central Texas, safety officials are reminding people of the four P’s to keep your home and those in it safe.

The first P stands for people and making sure everyone is warm and taken care of.

“Of course, looking after your neighbor, looking after the elderly or those that may need assistance in winterizing their residence,” Woodway assistant police chief Larry Adams said.

Another is plants. For potted plants, it’s best to bring them inside. If they can’t come inside, Adams suggests covering them.

“If they’re planted in the ground, the best thing you can do is take some old sheets, some old comforters and lay them over those plants to protect them from the freezing temperatures,” Adams said.

Also, when temperatures drop below 32 degrees, Adams says to make sure and take care of your water pipes.

“Below freezing, of course, water wants to freeze,” Adams said. “That’s the first thing that’s going to freeze is the exposed pipes.”

He says to detach your water hose and cover the exposed pipes with a foam cover. Or, you can use something like a towel or shirt.

“All the hardware stores around here have adequate supply of covers for very cheap- a couple of dollars a piece,” Adams said. “They snap right on and prevent it from freezing.”

If you don’t cover it, you could be dealing with a frozen pipe that can burst.

The last P stands for pets.

Adams and Mike Gray from the Humane Society of Central Texas say the best option is to bring them inside with you.

“Animals are just like us, they want to be inside when it’s cold,” Adams said. “They need that protection. So when it gets down below freezing, you want to be sure to bring your pets in every night with you.”

If you can’t bring them inside, make sure the pet has proper shelter and insulation.

“If I’m outside and I’m getting kind of cold and I can’t stay out there for too long, then chances are your dogs probably feel the same way,” Gray said.

The Humane Society of Central Texas and Brotherwell Brewing offer free hay to insulate dog houses. If you need any other materials to keep your pets warm, Gray says to text him at 254-327-7624.