January 01 2022 12:00 am

FORBES: Dallas Cowboys now world’s most valuable sports team, Texans rank 14th

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The Dallas Cowboys have hit a record for the ages.
And we’re not talking about wins vs. losses.
According to Forbes, “America’s Team” is now worth a whopping $4 billion. Yes, that’s “billion,” with a “b.” This makes the Cowboys the world’s most valuable sports team of 2016. It’s no wonder why Jerry Jones is always smiling.
Until now, European soccer teams have dominated the “Most Valuable” list. The list began being compiled in 2011. Manchester Uniter reigned supreme in 2011 and 2012, while Real Madrid took the crown the last three years.
NFL franchises make up over half of the most valuable sports franchises in the world. 

1) Dallas Cowboys
2) Real Madrid

3) Barcelona 
4) New York Yankees
5) Manchetser United

6) New England Patriots

7) New York Knicks

8) Washington Redskins

9) New York Giants

10) Los Angeles Lakers

11) San Francisco 49ers

12) Bayern Munich

13) New York Jets

14) Los Angeles Dodgers

15) Houston Texans

16) Chicago Bears

17) Philadelphia Eagles
18) Boston Red Sox
19) Chicago Bulls
20) San Francisco Giants
21) Chicago Cubs
22) Boston Celtics
23) Arsenal
24) Los Angeles Clippers
25) Green Bay Packers
26) Denver Broncos
27) Baltimore Ravens
28) Manchester City
29) Golden State Warriors
30) Pittsburgh Steelers
31) Indianapolis Colts
32) Seattle Seahawks
33) Miami Dolphins
34) Brooklyn Nets
35) Atlanta Falcons
36) Chelsea
37) New York Mets
38) St. Louis Cardinals
39) Minnesota Vikings
40) Carolina Panthers
41) Liverpool
42) Arizona Cardinals
43) Kansas City Chiefs
44) San Diego Chargers
45) New Orleans Saints
46) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
47) Cleveland Browns
48) Houston Rockets
49) Tennessee Titans
50) Jacksonville Jaguars

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