FREEESTONE COUNTY, Texas – A man is accused of stealing thousands in property from his former business.

Deputies responded Thursday morning to a report of a major theft and burglary of a business on Highway 84 West. During the investigation, it was discovered that over $10,000 in tools, equipment, and electronics was stolen – along with a company work truck.

A thorough investigation led to deputies finding a witness who was able to place a former employee of the business in possession of the stolen items, as well as the location where some of the stolen property was.

Deputies received an arrest warrant for the suspect, and were able to make an immediate arrest. The man is charged with Burglary of a Building and Theft of Property > $2,500 < $30,000.

The Freestone County Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigation Division continues this investigation as they try to recover all the property and the vehicle.

Source: Freestone County Sheriff’s Office