Former Hewitt city manager censured for ethics violation

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Former Hewitt City Manager Daniel “Adam” Miles.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Former Hewitt, Texas City Manager Daniel “Adam” Miles was publicly censured and permanently barred from future membership by the Executive Board of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) at their October 18 meeting. 

Publicly censuring and permanently barring a member is the most severe sanction available to the Executive Board. 

The Executive Board determined Miles’ conduct violated Tenets 3 and 12 of the ICMA Code of Ethics. These Tenets pertain to a member’s ethical obligation to uphold the public trust, maintain public confidence in their position and profession, demonstrate the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity, and not leverage their position for personal gain.

The Executive Board found it was a conflict of interest for Miles to have a personal relationship with a subordinate employee and make decisions about her performance, promotion, and compensation. Miles and the subordinate employee lived together for at least the last six months of his tenure as the city manager, while he was her direct supervisor. 

The Executive Board concluded Miles’ relationship had the potential to undermine public confidence and trust in him as the city manager and his actions to increase the compensation for an employee with whom he shared a residence created the opportunity for him to financially benefit from his actions.

The ICMA Code of Ethics states:

Tenet 3.  Demonstrate by word and action the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all public, professional, and personal relationships in order that the member may merit the trust and respect of the elected and appointed officials, employees, and the public.

Guideline on Relationships in the Workplace. Members should not engage in an intimate or romantic relationship with any elected official or board appointee, employee they report to, one they appoint and/or supervise, either directly or indirectly, within the organization. 

This guideline does not restrict personal friendships, professional mentoring, or social interactions with employees, elected officials and Board appointees.

Tenet 12.  Public office is a public trust.  A member shall not leverage his or her position for personal gain or benefit.

Personal Relationships.  In any instance where there is a conflict of interest, appearance of a conflict of interest, or personal financial gain of a member by virtue of a relationship with any individual, spouse/partner, group, agency, vendor or other entity, the member shall disclose the relationship to the organization.  For example, if the member has a relative that works for a developer doing business with the local government, that fact should be disclosed.

Source: Group Gordon

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