Bell County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a shooting death in Harker Heights.

Deputies found William “Bill” Jones, Jr. in a car with a gunshot wound to the chest. The car was parked at Cedar Gap Park at Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke has ordered an autopsy.

William Jones Jr was a Killeen ISD employee for 12 years. 

FOX 44 learned the district fired Jones after he was cited in an accident that involved a truck hitting a middle school student on Monday. 

6 months of being locked in the bus barn, KISD busses returned to their routes for the students’ first day of school. 

During the afternoon route, a driver of a pick-up truck hit an unidentified sixth-grade student while the student attempted to exit the bus heading home.

That student was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries and the district said Wednesday evening the 6th grader is in stable condition. 

During Killeen PD’s investigation into the accident police cited Jones saying he didn’t turn on the bus’s warning lights.

The school district fired him because of that investigation.

“He didn’t do anything wrong. I saw everything,” Jose Diaz told Fox 44.

Diaz, a witness watching things unfold from his balcony, says the bus driver’s warning lights were on.

“He put the stop sign up,” said Diaz.

“Did he put the lights on as well?” Fox 44 asked. 

“Yeah I saw the lights on,” he answered.

In fact, he recalled other drivers stopping behind the bus because saying there was clear indication the bus driver was making a stop. 

“Two cars came behind the bus but this guy with the black truck, he didn’t stop,” he said

Diaz calls what he was saw heartbreaking. At the time of the accident, he worried for the student’s life.

“I thought he was dead. After 10 minutes I saw him move one leg just one leg,” Diaz shared.

The district says grief counselors were there at the bus barn near KISD Headquarters Monday morning consoling Jones colleagues  who mourn his death. 

Deputies say this is an isolated incident, and don’t believe there is an ongoing threat.

KISD Superintendent Dr. John Craft said, “We are respectful and sorrowful for all parties involved in this tragic chain of events. We are dedicated to working diligently and compassionately towards providing all parties resolve.  We hope the student continues on the path to an expedient recovery, the family finds comfort, and all those involved are able to find peace.  This situation remains a very unfortunate accident.”

Jones worked for the Killeen ISD transportation department for 12 years.