Fort Hood hosts COVID-19 virtual town hall

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FORT HOOD, Texas – The Fort Hood Senior Commander hosted a virtual Facebook Town Hall Tuesday morning.

The commander followed in the footsteps of several counties by issuing a Shelter in Place order for all soldiers and their dependents. In a general order, soldiers are told to stay inside except when conducting mission essential functions.

“We modify or limit activities and services on the instillation as required in order to promote the health of the entire community. The commissaries and gas stations remain open, for example, as do other essential services,” says Major General Scott Efflandt, Deputy Commanding General with the III Corps and Fort Hood.

Soldiers and their families can go out to take care of normal needs like grocery shopping, home and auto repair and laundry services.

The order says soldiers cannot travel more than 40 miles from Fort Hood unless their home is outside this limit.

Gyms on the base are also closed, but soldiers are asked to try and keep up with their physical training the best they can.

“P.T. is essential. Soldiers are effective when they’re fit and doing physical training is part of being fit. And when it comes time to mobilize, whether it’s to help civilian authorities or to go overseas, there is no fast way to make up fitness,” says Major General Efflandt.

And for those already stationed overseas?

“We need to bring people home from Iraq, Syria, Korea, all around the world. When it’s time to rotate out, they need to rotate out. The challenge we have with bringing people home besides the quarantine pieces, and we can work through that, is for the United States Army and for Fort Hood’s responsibility to the Army’s mission to continue. So before we can bring people home, we have to work out how to send people out there to replace them,” says Major General Efflandt.

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