FORT HOOD, Texas – The passing of the National Defense Authorization Act on January 1st mandates ten U.S. military installations named after Confederate leaders be changed by 2024.

One of the ten installations is Fort Hood, named after Confederate General John B. Hood. Now one movement gaining support is renaming the United States Army’s largest installation after native Texan and World War II hero Audie L. Murphy.

Some call him the Army’s greatest soldier after being decorated with 38 citations and awards – including the country’s highest award, the Medal of Honor.

The family of Audie Murphy says there is no finer way to honor the soldier’s memory and “The American Soldier” than by naming the post after the Son of Texas and America’s most decorated war hero.

Coy Prather, the Murphy family spokesman says, “Everyone I’ve spoken with who has been in the military we serve said, ‘That’s a great idea,'” says Murphy family spokesman Coy Prather. “There’s a lot of people who are unhappy about renaming the forts, but it’s going to happen. So why don’t we name it after an American and Texas hero?”

The four-member commission must brief Congress by October on their progress, as well as have a formal plan by October 2022 detailing what assets will be removed or renamed and how much it will cost to do so.