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WACO. Texas — Foster Village Waco says that a lot of time foster kids have few belongings, and the families have to provide many necessities. This organization believes that they shouldn’t have to do all of that alone.

Foster Village Waco has been helping families involved in foster care in McLennan County since 2018.

“We are focused on supporting families in an effort that if families are better supported they’re going to be fostering for longer and more consistently,” Executive Director Amanda Moore said. “And hopefully we’ll be able to have a positive impact on the capacity crisis.”

Moore said there is, and has consistently been, a capacity crisis. That means there is a shortage of beds and surplus in children.

“I know the case workers are just working their tails off to the very best they can for the kids in their care,” Moore said.

She says beds are always a need, and she encourages people to become licensed to be a foster family.

But, there are also other ways to get involved and help foster kids and families.

“In foster care, there is a misconception that if you can’t go all in and be a foster family, that you can’t fully positively affect the problem at all and that’s just really not the case,” Moore said.

She mentioned different ways that people can work with the kids including becoming a certified babysitter, a care provider, or a court appointed special advocate.

At Foster Village Waco specifically, there are positions to volunteer on the welcome pack team, leadership team and childcare.

She encourages that businesses reach out to see how they can team up with foster organizations.

“There are really so many ways for the community to be involved,” Moore said. “Kind of lifting the weight of this off of case workers.”

Foster Village Waco is working out of storage units right now, but they will be having a fundraiser for a resource center on October 28 at The Backyard.

“The goal is to get the community involved in a way that makes it to where this isn’t a problem in McLennan County because everyone is doing something.”

You can find more details on how you can get involved, volunteer or donate here.

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