A pursuit of a parole violator ran through Lampasas and Mills Counties and ended in a wooded area when the man was spotted by helicopter.

It started at 6:49 p.m. Wednesday, when a Lampasas County Sheriff’s sergeant spotted 54-year-old David Scott Parks – who was wanted for a parole violation.

As the sergeant attempted to take him into custody, he fought, with a taser being deployed in at attempt to bring him under control.

The taser malfunctioned, and the man was able to flee to his pickup truck – going north on County Road 2699 into Mills County at speeds over 100 miles per hour.

As he was being pursued, Parks ran through several ranch gates and fences.

The fugitive was contacted by cell phone and told deputies he would commit suicide before being captured.

While the cell contact was maintained, the signals were used to triangulate his general location – with Parks eventually working his way back into western Lampasas County.

A Texas Parks and Wildlife helicopter equipped with thermal imaging equipment was used to spot him as he continued his flight on foot. He was spotted hiding under some brush, and a game warden was able to take him into custody around 10:30 p.m.

Parks complained of chest pains after being caught, and was first taken to a hospital for evaluation – then was to be taken to the Lampasas County Jail.

A statement issued by the Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office said he would initially be held on the parole violation warrant, resisting arrest, evading arrest and possibly several criminal mischief charges related to the destruction of ranch gates and fences.