COLLEGE STATION, Texas – A College Station business owner is raising money to help the family of a critically-injured infant.

Adrian Caxaj Velasquez is the five-month-old son of Carlos Caxaj and Fidelina Velasquez, who have worked with Van Tran at the Nam Cafe for the last four years. Tran is the owner of the café.

Both Carlos and Fidel are working parents to support their family of Adrian, and their other son – Carlos, Jr. Their children typically go to babysitters from time to time. On January 20, Adrian’s babysitter seriously injured him.

Tran says on GoFundMe that she shook Adrian and threw him against a wall, causing him to start seizing and stop breathing for about one minute. Adrian was later found with fractures on the back of his skull, and had brain damage at the hospital.

Adrian is currently in ICU at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston with his mother Fidelina, while his older brother is with his dad Carlos at home in College Station. Fundraising is underway to help Adrian and his family with medical and living expenses as the child continues to try to fight for his life.

Carlos has not been able to work since he has to take care of Adrian’s brother, while Fidel will no longer be able to work and need to be with Adrian for the foreseeable future.

Tran is asking the public to make small donations on GoFundMe to help make a difference for the family.

Adrian had his first surgery on February 4 to remove internal bleeding. He has been on life support ever since. Tran says he has made some great progress and has gained some consciousness.

As of February 7, Tran says Adrian is doing much better, with a lot more awareness. He has been able to stay awake more, and have more movement.

Adrian is currently scheduled for second head surgery this Thursday, pending any changes. He is still in critical condition.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe, you can go here.

Source: GoFundMe