George Floyd, Jr.’s Uncle Selwyn shares memories of his nephew

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WACO, Texas – May 25th is a day Selwyn Jones can never forget – the day he lost his nephew.

“If they wouldn’t have took the time out of their day to put their knee on his neck, he would be here with us today,” says George Floyd’s uncle Selwyn Jones.

Minneapolis police officers took George Floyd, Jr. into custody on May 25, 2020, after a convenience store clerk called saying Floyd bought cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. In the video that surfaced, it showed Floyd unconscious and pinned beneath the knee of Derek Chauvin.

“We saw a grown man suffer, plead, beg, for darn near ten minutes,” says Jones.

The video sparked worldwide protests and calls for change.

“We just want to move ahead. I think that’s what my nephew’s death did to a lot of people,” says Jones.

After a months-long trial, a jury found Chauvin guilty on all counts – including third-degree murder for the death of George Floyd.

“We accomplished more in the last year with civil rights relations then we ever did our whole life,” says Jones.

One year after Floyd’s death, his uncle Selwyn goes out to communities to discuss the issues with police department as a way to keep his nephew’s name alive.

“He was happy. Every time you see him, he had a big smile on his face. Every time you saw him, he literally wanted to talk about the Lord,” Jones says as he chuckles.

Selwyn still remembers the time George told him about his dreams of opening a restaurant.

“‘Oodles and Noodles’ is what he wanted to serve. All Oodles and Noodles – and he wanted to have a whole bunch of convicts to serve it,” Jones says as he chuckles again.

The Floyd family hoped legislation to spark police reform would be ready for a vote on the one-year anniversary of his death, but this won’t happen.

“As of May 26th of last year, things changed. I have to put up this fight,” says Jones.

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