Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick react to SCOTUS ruling on immigration

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On Thursday, the Supreme Court voted 4-4 on President Barack Obama’s immigration reform. This means the plan remains blocked and the lower court injunction still stands.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized the president’s actions concerning immigration.

“The action taken by the President was an unauthorized abuse of presidential power that trampled the Constitution, and the Supreme Court rightly denied the President the ability to grant amnesty contrary to immigration laws,” said Gov. Abbott. “As the President himself said, he is not a king who can unilaterally change and write immigration laws. Today’s ruling is also a victory for all law-abiding Americans-including the millions of immigrants who came to America following the rule of law.”

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick called the ruling a victory for Texas.

“The Court’s 4-4 vote leaves in place the Fifth Circuit’s ruling that protects the separation of powers,” said Lt. Gov. Patrick “The president has no authority to circumvent Congress and disregard the U.S. Constitution by allowing millions of illegal immigrants to continue to stay in the U.S. I will continue to lead the effort to secure the Texas border. Last session the Senate lead to increase funding to an unprecedented $800 million for border security. In Texas we are taking the right steps to protect our citizens. I thank those in Texas law enforcement who are on the front lines every day for us. Next session, border security will continue to be a top priority for me.”

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