HEWITT, Texas – An arrest was made at a Christmas tree lighting, but we’re happy to say there wasn’t much fighting.

This Hewitt event was quite a delight, several families showed up all throughout Thursday night. A children’s choir was there making a joyful noise, Christmas carols were performed by the little girls and boys. There was plenty of hot cocoa and cookies for all, as crowds gathered around the tree – which looked festive and tall.

But then something happened, The Grinch soon appeared! He was big and green, and looked kind of weird. He unplugged the tree and attempted to flee, but his bad deeds were foiled by Hewitt PD. A warrant was confirmed out of Rosebud, you see; and the Grinch is now in police custody.

It wasn’t too long before we welcomed back the lights. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Source: Hewitt Police Department