GROESBECK, Texas (FOX 44) – Groesbeck Police were made aware of some suspicious activity around several homes on Tuesday night.

Residents reported an unfamiliar person on their property with multiple residents taking pictures of the person on their home security systems. The reported person and her associate were found, cited for various offenses, and left the city.

Police say that anyone soliciting business is required to have a permit issued by the city, as they are subject to a background and criminal history check. They have encountered multiple applicants seeking solicitor permits who had outstanding arrest warrants and criminal histories – including theft, assault, and narcotic offenses.

The two people that police encountered on Tuesday night claimed to be soliciting business for solar energy, but were unable to provide any type of documentation supporting this claim. Police say some residents allowed them to take pictures of their social security cards and other forms of identification – and that this should never happen. They say residents should pay close attention to their various accounts in the event of identity theft.

Police also say that if someone knocks on your door soliciting business for anything, from electric providers to solar panels, you should demand to see their permit. If they are unable to provide one, contact the police department immediately at 254-729-3497, or by the tip411 app, and do not provide them with any personal information.

Police were only able to intercept the two on Tuesday night because one of the last residents they contacted called a friend who, in turn, called the police for them. Social media can be an effective tool, but police say law enforcement is usually the last to be notified – which hinders their ability to find and investigate the activity.