HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas – The Harker Heights Police Department is wishing its community a Happy New Year, but is also giving tips on how to be safe during the festivities.

Police will be stepping up actions when observing unsafe driving and intoxicated drivers, as well as any breach of the peace or threat to the safety and order of the community – including illegal use of fireworks.

Although fireworks have been identified as a traditional part of celebrating bringing in the new year, the possession and discharge of fireworks within the City of Harker Heights is illegal. If a person is found to possess and discharge any fireworks within the City, a citation may be issued – and this person could be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by those fireworks.

When fireworks are improperly handled, burns, injuries and fire could be a result. Loud and unexpected noises such as fireworks may affect individuals with PTSD, as well as neighborhood pets.

Source: Harker Heights Police Department