Hazardous road conditions in Central Texas

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WACO, Texas – After our latest winter storm, roadways in Central Texas are covered in snow and ice, which makes driving difficult.

TxDOT crews are working around the clock to keep roads in Central Texas as passable as possible.

“It’s important to note that with the frigid temperatures and the frigid conditions that the driving conditions are still hazardous,” says Jake Smith, the TxDOT Public Information Officer.

TxDOT recommends staying home and off of the roadways as much as possible, but if you do need to drive somewhere take it slow.

“If you absolutely have to travel today on the roadways, one way you can do it safely is by giving yourself enough time to get to your destination because you need to go slow. Especially as you approach overpasses and bridges, take your time, use extra caution, and give yourself that extra allotted time to get to your destination,” says Smith.

Drivers should also buckle up, avoid cruise control, and leave enough space between them and the vehicle in front of them. Even when you do everything right, you can still lose control, however. If you find yourself skidding across the road, it’s important to keep calm.

“Stop accelerating. Drivers should remove their foot from the accelerator. Do not slam on the breaks and steer into the skid,” says Smith.

TxDOT also reminding everyone that if traffic lights are not working to treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

“Approach it cautiously and know that we are all sharing the road and we are all trying to get to our destination safely so let’s all share that same safety pack together and treat it as a four-way stop so we can all continue on our route safely,” says Smith.

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