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KILLEEN, TEXAS- It goes without saying the demand for health care providers has been soaring since the outbreak of COVID-19. 

One Central Texas medical instructor is meeting that surging demand by training up the next group of central medics on the front lines. 

As covid cases rise throughout the state it’s easy for hospital staffs to get overwhelmed with their high volume of patients.

The founder of life health care academy says she’s doing what she can to prepare medics for the front lines. 

Dr. Georgia Dixon, the founder of Life Health Care Academy keeps her hands busy training aspiring health care workers in a time where they’re needed more than ever. 

“The shortage is real. Most people are scared. We have nurses leaving saying this is not for me. Covid is affecting my family. They have to take care of their family at home. We have CNA’s leaving and saying hey my loved ones are sick so I have to tend to them,”  she tells Fox 44.

But every week more and more students sign up to close that gap between the demand for medical services and the supply of providers able to render care. 

She says each group that starts their journey at the academy have their own vision for what role they seek to take on. 

“They want to become nurses, phlebotomists, ultra sound technicians. There’s always a way into getting into healthcare and get into the system,” she said.

Dixon says one of her biggest motivations when as instructor is seeing the growth students experience in the short 5 week fast track program. 

“I‘ve seen them nervous about it and on the last day of class they’re able to take blood pressure really well with their eyes close literally, they’re able to take their pulse do vital signs. They’re able to feed take care of resident that’s in their bed,” said Dixon.

Those essential skills are often put to work quickly for students at the academy with hospitals and nursing homes, checking in, hoping to shrink the shortage of healthcare workers

With each graduating class Dixon grows in her confidence that the future front line workers training at her academy will create a healthier central Texas community 

“I’m so proud of our numbers even if it’s small. We’re bringing 6 brand new well-equipped CNA’s who are going to care for residents and patients. It’s so amazing,” said Dixon.

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