WACO, Texas – Local first responders came out to Waco ISD stadium on Thursday afternoon to speak with people in the community about safety and wellness.

“The special thing about having events like this, it allows our health care community to sort of reemerge and reintroduce themselves, reintroducing one another to the folks that they serve. It’s a really special event not just for the responder community, the emergency health care community, but of course to the folks that came out to visit us,” says Deputy Director Heart of Texas Rec. Francisco Villa.

People in the community were able to meet with EMS, fire departments, law enforcement, and hospital personnel.

“My youngest loves looking at them. Still, we had to stop every single helicopter and look, and everyone was very friendly, showing them the cockpit and the part where the patients go, and it was really fun and awesome, and they really enjoyed it,” says Waco resident Alyssa Berryhill.

In addition to seeing ambulance, fire trucks, police cars, and helicopters, experts were there talking about the resources available to citizens.

“I’ve learned that Waco has a lot of resources available whenever we need help with anything. There’s several flight helicopters that the boys are enjoying looking at,” says Berryhill.

Kids weren’t the only ones getting in on the fun – the Texas Medical Association was giving out free safety equipment such as helmets, life jackets, and car seats.

“I love that they’re offering free helmets and trying on free helmets for kids, because that seems to be difficult finding the right size, especially for his size,” says Berryhill.