HILL COUNTY, Texas – Hill County Precinct Four Constable Kevin Cordell is one step closer to recovery after getting shot last week during a pursuit.

Constable Cordell went into surgery Monday. The Constable says the overwhelming love and support he has received from the State of Texas is helping him push through.

“Just thinking about you. Sure praying for your recovery. I know you are going to be alright, but we hope everything goes as smooth as it can,” said country music singer Neal McCoy.

McCoy is just one of hundreds of people wishing Cordell a speedy recovery.

“The Lord has definitely been the one who has carried me through this. No doubt that my faith is reassured,” said Cordell.

The Dallas Police Department’s Fugitive Unit found two wanted felony suspects, 19-year-old’s Adrian and Hector Murillo, in Ellis County on Thursday. They requested assistance from local agencies, including Hill County.

During the chase, officers say the brothers fired shots at them – striking Constable Cordell.

“The left side, of course, is where I took the round. Into the cheek, the neck, and fragments spewed out, and the bullet kind of protruding out my back,” said Constable Cordell.

The chase ended in Johnson County, when one of the assisting used a pit maneuver and hit the suspects’ car. After gunfire, Adrian Murillo died of his injuries, and Hector was hospitalized. Both were wanted for aggravated assault, and both were suspects in a murder case.

“I’m feeling well, considering all. My spirits are good. I just know how blessed I am to be alive,” said Constable Cordell.

He’s thankful for everyone who has reached out offering prayers.

“The calls, the texts, it is amazing. At one point, I tried to get my text messages down below 100 and I finally had to get some rest. The next morning, I wake up and I’m up to 257. I couldn’t even tell you the amount of Facebook messages I’ve received. So I know how many people care about me. I am truly, truly blessed,” said Constable Cordell.

Constable Cordell has a long road to recovery. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with hospital expenses.