Inmates in prison units at Gatesville on medical restriction, some test positive

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With a few inmates at the Gatesville Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility testing positive for COVID-19, many of the inmates remain under medical restriction and a few are under medical isolation while others are scheduled to be tested.

There are five units at the Gatesville facility.

In the Crain Unit which is a women’s unit, two were waiting testing Wednesday and two were listed in medical isolation with 31 on medical restriction.

In the Hilltop Unit, also a women’s unit, none were on any kind of restriction and none were pending testing.

In the Murray Unit, the largest women’s unit, 13 were pending testing, 4 had tested positive, 17 were under medical isolation and 1144 were under medical restriction.

In the Woodman unit, the last women’s unit, 2 were pending testing, 3 tests of others came back negative, 2 were positive with 4 total under medical isolation and 86 on medical restriction.

In the Hughes Unit, 1 had tested negative and only one was under medical restriction.

Offenders in medical restriction are locked down and are being issued cotton masks.

TDCJ staff and employees at facilities are provided with and required to wear cotton masks as are parole officers in the field.

The TDCJ website said where appropriate, staff are issued Personal Protective Equipment, and as TDCJ learns of new positive tests, contact investigations are being conducted to determine which individuals may have been exposed to the virus.

Elsewhere in the prison system an offender death from the Telford Unit in New Boston is under investigation to determine if it is connected to COVID-19.

72-year-old Bartolo Infante was in medical isolation at a community hospital in Texarkana. Infante suffered from a number of pre-existing medical conditions and was hospitalized for viral pneumonia when he tested positive for COVID-19 on April 3rd.

He passed away Tuesday.

Like all in-custody deaths it is being investigated and the formal cause of death is pending an autopsy.
At of Wednesday there were four employees at the Telford Unit who have tested positive and are in self-quarantine, and seven confirmed offender cases who are in medical isolation. The facility has been placed on full medical restriction.

In all there have been 36 TDCJ employees, staff or contractors and 28 offenders in custody who have tested positive for COVID-19.

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