A McLennan County jury found Capital Murder suspect Keith Spratt Not Guilty on Thursday. The jury took six hours to come to the decision.

Testimony in the trial started on Tuesday. Spratt was accused of killing 37-year-old Joshua Ladale Pittment at the Pick N Pay Food Mart at 504 Faulker lane on December 23, 2015.

Spratt is still in the McLennan County Jail, facing several different charges. Those charges include aggravated robbery, assault, and indecent exposure.

Police said during the investigation of Pittman’s murder, it was discovered that Pittman had been involved in committing multiple robberies of individuals.

Investigators believe Pittman set up Spratt to be robbed, and also robbed the second suspect – Tyler Clay. Detectives say they believe these robbery victims then conspired to murder Pittman. They charge that Clay solicited Keith Spratt for the murder of Pittman.

Pittman had been playing a game machine inside the store, when a man approached Pittman and shot him several times in his face and upper torso.

Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty for Spratt in this case, but rather are seeking life without parole. Clay and Spratt are being tried separately.

Clay was convicted of his part in the murder in December 2018, but this conviction was reversed earlier this year. Clay will be retried, but this trial date has not yet been set.

District Attorney spokesman Tom Needham said that the reasons for the reversal of Clay’s conviction should have no impact on the trial of Spratt.

Clay has remained in custody while waiting his new trial, and had been the subject of a hearing Monday in an attempt to get his bond reduced and allow him to be released pending his new trial.

However, he remained in the McLennan County Jail, his bond remains at $1,000,000.