Juveniles vandalize Valley Mills High School

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VALLEY MILLS, Texas – The Valley Mills High School Track and Football Field took a hit after a group of vandals drove a couple of vehicles onto the field.

Police say these juveniles caused over $16,000 of damage to the football field last Saturday night.

In addition to leaving tire tracks on the gridiron, the vandals rolled the Iron Eagle trailer onto the field and flipped it. Then, they threw toilet paper and Tide pods onto the field.

The Valley Mills Police Department says it has identified the five juveniles who committed the crime, but their names are not being released because of their age – and the investigation is still ongoing.

“It went too far,” says Chief of Police Roy Fikac. “And when you have property damage that is sustained, and then it gets into an astronomical amount, thousands of dollars of damage, that’s when it really hurts the school.”

A 1992 graduate of Valley Mills High School told FOX 44 she had one word to describe how she felt about the incident – disgusted.

Officer Fikac said a $16,000 loss, along with lower enrollment this year due to COVID-19, creates a big financial impact on the school.

“And the school district here, they’re not a very wealthy school district,” Fikac said. “So when you take a hit like this, it can be very impactful.”

Fikac says the damage is actually higher than $16,000 – but a member of the community is working with the school to fix the landscaping at a reduced price.

The superintendent of Valley Mills ISD declined to comment to FOX 44.

Fikac says the persons of interest admitted their involvement to Valley Mills PD, and they have been very cooperative.

“I believe that these are good kids that just make bad choices,” Fikac said.

Officer Fikac said there is no danger to worry about, and this was simply just a prank that went too far.

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