Killeen group discusses state of the black community

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KILLEEN, Texas – Killeen group The Village United hosted a forum Thursday night to discuss the state of the black community.

Mental health, economics and education were a few of the topics discussed at the forum.

With six different panelists offering their expertise in their respected fields, they all gave insight to relevant topics they address everyday. They offered tools and resources to those in attendance and encouraged them all to get involved in education and mental health organizations throughout Killeen.

The panelists emphasized the importance of strategy when it comes to engaging children, as well as building a better community.

Health professionals, real estate agents, educators – among other professionals – worked together to ensure people walked away with a depth of knowledge they can apply.

The organizer shared why it’s so important with to have events like this here in Killeen:

“Often times, we are so separate between our industries, separate between active duty, but we’re still a community. That’s the main thing. When you break down what community is, we are a communicating unit. When we actually function as a communicating unit, we’ll be able to do a lot more things together because we’re doing it intentionally,” says Ronnie Russel, with The Village United.

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