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KILLEEN, TX- A group in Killeen is doing their part and more in an effort to prevent human trafficking.

The group “Bigger Than Me” hosted a human trafficking prevention seminar in Killeen Thursday night.

“As I saw it come across my social media with the women and children that were missing and being used in human trafficking and sex trafficking and kidnapping, I was compelled to do something about it, so I had to take action,” said Johnny Moore, the founder of ‘Bigger Than Me’ movement.

He and his team sprung into action to help folks in the community develop tools to fight human trafficking.

The seminar was organized to help people learn safety tips, learn how to identify potential suspects, apply self defense as well as learn how to effectively use a weapon.

He says the human trafficking issue and how it affects victims, their families and loved ones is enough to bring the community together in solidarity against it.

“If it affects one, it affects us also. I feel like the community can come together and we can do this a whole,” he told FOX 44.

Richard White volunteered to teach self defense at the seminar.

He says learning self-defense is a step toward preventing human trafficking and it could enhance safety exponentially.

“The number one goal is for people in my community to feel safe and be safe and to have the confidence to fight back and fight for each other,” White said.

Courtney Holmes, one of the event organizers says the seminar itself represents strength in the Killeen community and says its an example that folks in the community care and have a willingness to act.

“This is just challenging those stereotypes and say we do have men, black men that care about their families and their communities and ready to take action and want to help to support us,” Holmes said.

She added that lawmakers and law enforcement can’t do the job alone.

“You have police and politicians that aren’t actually here with us. This is us. If someone goes missing, it’s affecting us so we should do something about it,” she said.

Organizers say preventing human trafficking on the community-level starts with training and awareness.

“With the proper training and being more vigilant I’m confident that people can do a better job of protecting themselves and not be a victim,” White said.

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