KILLEEN, Texas – Right now police are looking for the man who opened fire at the Killeen Mall, injuring one person and causing dozens more to panic.

Out of fear, the mall workers FOX 44 spoke with today want to remain anonymous.

One says they were running to take cover, and the gunman was running in the same direction.

The employee says they were working at their store like normal until they heard about nine to ten gunshots which sent them frantically running to safety.

Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble says they immediately responded when they got the call around 7:17 p.m. of an active shooter situation.

“When these things happen we get multiple phone calls. I haven’t checked yet but I can image there was 20 to 30 phone calls with people saying different things,” Kimble said.

One store manager who didn’t want to be identified, was emotional while recalling what happened.

They had just left when employees called with the news panicking.

The manger calmed them down while using the only defense they could- which was prayer.

“Our initial officers responded immediately, and trying to get the best information they could and they did locate a subject that had suffered gun shot wounds,” Kimble said.

Today some stores in the Killeen Mall reopened while others remained closed.

The store manager told FOX 44 they allowed their workers to take the day off, and will also assist in counseling so they can heal from this traumatic event.

“It’s the holiday season and there is innocent people who are hurt,” Kimble said. “I’m asking if you know anything about this, please contact the Killeen police department so we can resolve this case.”

Police released a picture of the shooter, and say he is about 6 feet tall.

If you know any information, you are encouraged to call Killeen Police or Bell County Crime Stoppers.