Killeen residents call for police officer’s job after fatal shooting

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KILLEEN, Texas – Community members gathered at Killeen Police headquarters Thursday to call for Officer Reynaldo Contreras – who shot and killed 52-year-old Patrick Warren at Warren’s home Sunday on a mental distress call – to be fired and for legal action to be taken against him.

“I am appalled,” says Killeen resident Rosalyn Finley. “We are demanding the immediate termination of the officer. An immediate indictment. Immediate arrest. This will not be tolerated in this community.”

The mental distress call took a deadly turn when Warren came out with his hands up to talk to the Contreras in the front yard – where Contreras tased Warren, then shot him three times.

Now residents are calling for their neighbors to step up and make clear they don’t want a situation like this to happen again.

“The Warren family is going through grief right now. They are suffering by losing a loved one,” says Killeen resident Travis Johnson. “It is up to each and every one of us in the black community right now to stand with each other.”

They all feel the relationship between the community and the police is so damaged, they will call neighbors before calling 9-1-1.

“Look to us first before you call the police,” Johnson says. “9-1-1 is a complete joke.”

As it stands now, Contreras is on paid administrative leave – as is Killeen’s department protocol. These community members want this to change.

“This ends now,” Finley says. “Enough is enough.”

In a statement, Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble says: “This incident is rightfully of great concern to the community. As Killeen Police Chief, it is my duty to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted so that all parties, including the public, have the answers they seek. There are many more facts in this case that are not publicly available at this time. I assure you that more information will be made available as soon as appropriate, and I ask for your patience as both investigations proceed.”

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