LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas – Someone will face hundreds of dollars in damage and jail time after vandalizing a popular park in Lacy Lakeview.

The damage includes vulgar graffiti and physical damage to a concession stand.

“To whoever did this, shame on you. It’s unfortunate that you have nothing better to do with your time,” says Officer Tyler Ziegler, with the Lacy Lakeview Police Department.

Live Oak Park is commonly used by little leaguers and families.

“We’ve got families who come out here to practice, play catch, whatever the deal may be. And for them to see these vulgarities, it’s just unfortunate. And then, of course, right over here, we’ve got our park. Our playground. So that’s stuff they can see from a distance, as well. We have people who try to walk their dogs through here, so it’s just terrible that our community has to deal with something like this,” said Officer Ziegler.

Lacy Lakeview Police Department

Now the damage has escalated from graffiti to destruction of property.

“It first started probably about three or four months ago, and just every couple of months it keeps recurring, recurring, recurring. It’s always been graffiti, up until recently. They’ve started trying to break into our concession stand, as far as kicking in the metal doors and trying to get in through that way,” said Officer Ziegler.

Inside the building are baseball supplies for children in the community.

“Just a lot of things that’s available for the kids during the baseball season. So, it’s unfortunate that someone’s gotta try and ruin that for everybody,” said Officer Ziegler.

Whoever is responsible could be facing a large fine and jail time.

“Typically, the graffiti would be something as simple as a Class C misdemeanor – but once they started kicking in those metal doors, it’s as far as a Class B, or even a Class A misdemeanor. And you could face jail time, fines – and of course, down the line, having to repay for the damages,” said Officer Ziegler.

The door alone could cost the culprit $800 to $900.

“It’s not cheap,” said Officer Ziegler.

Costing others valuable time to clean up the mess.

“They are having to take time out of their day, where they would rather be maintaining and upkeeping the parks, they are having to now take time out of their busy day to come out here and clean up this mess that shouldn’t be here in the first place,” said Officer Ziegler.

If you are responsible for the damages or know anything about them, you can contact Officer Ziegler with the Lacy Lakeview Police Department at 254-799-2479.