BELTON, Texas (FOX 44)- Central Texas hasn’t seen rain in its forecast in a while, meaning the lakes are drying out.

“Right now, Belton lake is five feet below normal pool. So you have a lot of landforms that’s appearing that normally wouldn’t be there. It would normally be five feet underwater,” says Arty Johnson, Natural Resource Park Ranger with Belton Lake

Arty Johnson, Natural Resource Park Ranger with Belton Lake says, those landforms can cause some hazards for those on the lake.

“If you’re boating, make sure you know the area. You’re going to be very careful at nighttime. And if you haven’t been on the lake in a while, make sure you just go out during the daytime first. Maybe scope it out and get with a friend,” says Johnson.

Because of the low lake levels, the Belton Lake had to close off some areas.

“Our designate swim beaches or are close at this time until we get back up to normal. Pool and we can open our beaches back up,” says Johnson.

Johnson says the lake level changes from season to season. Around this time last year FOX 44 reported the lakes flooding.

“Under water given year. It can be above it could be below this time. I think around last year we were ten foot above and this year we’re five foot below, which is about a 15 foot variance of elevation. So it varies from time to time,” says Johnson.

As the temperatures continue rising, Johnson wants everyone to remember water safety.

“So it’s very, very hot. Make sure you’re hydrating. You have a life jacket if you’re boating, make sure you have all your safety equipment on board and swim with a friend or a buddy and take someone with you and be safe on the water and look out for other people,” says Johnson.

For those looking to go out to the lakes you can click here to see if the gate openings has changed.