Little River Academy Volunteer Fire Department Dissolves

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UPDATE: The three firetrucks missing from the now dissolved Little River Academy Volunteer Fire Department have been located. We will have much more on what will happen next to the trucks on FOX44 News @ 5:30pm.

ORIGINAL REPORT: LITTLE RIVER-ACADEMY – The town of Little River Academy is trying to put out a five alarm situation after the Volunteer Fire Department dissolved itself last night.

According to the Little River Academy Mayor, Drew Lanham, City Officials planned on dissolving the Fire Department themselves. This is after several previous issues, including the arrest of three firefighters accused of impersonating law enforcement.

Before they could act on those plans, the Volunteer Firefighters took matters into their own hands and dissolved the department themselves.

The Mayor says the now former volunteers then tried to give all of the equipment away.

He says police caught them loading up the trucks with gear and attempting to leave last night.

Deputies were called and told the Firefighters to leave the equipment and the trucks alone. Mayor Lanham says three of the trucks are now missing.

No charges have been filed so far in the case of the missing firetrucks.

Because there is no Fire Department in Little River Academy at this time, surrounding towns will now answer any distress calls coming from the area.

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