TEMPLE, Texas – Local business owners are fighting for their company name after they claim someone has been using it for years.

The real owners of Spoonts Appliance, Inc. say they found out two years ago. The business has been in the family for 50 years, and they simply can’t believe this is happening to them.

“It’s actually stealing, is what it is. You know? When you go out and represent a reputable company and taken money off of it, I’m not getting the revenue off of it, they are,” says owner Philip Spoonts.

Philip has been working for Spoonts Appliance, Inc. since he was 15 years old. He says someone is using his company name to conduct business.

“And how I found out is when a customer calls me and is like, ‘I called you two days ago.’ And I’m just wondering, ‘What’s going on? My oven is still out.’ So I’m like, ‘No, you haven’t called me.’ And like, ‘Yeah, I’ve called Spoonts Appliance.’ And like, ‘Well, who did you talk to?’ And they said, ‘Well, some Spanish dude’,” says Spoonts.

Spoonts says the people using his company name are using a phone number that pops up on Google Yellow Pages and charge triple the price for the services.

“And when you call them, they actually say, ‘Yes, this is Spoonts Appliance’,” says Spoonts.

We decided to give the number a call, and got hung up on.

“My big concern is they’re going into the home and representing me. I do not know what they do, you know? I have liability insurance. Do they? So if they do big damage, people are going to come after Spoonts Appliance,” says Spoonts.

One customer told Spoonts two Hispanic men went into a home. While one was working on an appliance, the other roamed around the house.

“I answer the phone, I do the work, I have no Hispanic people working for me,” says Spoonts.

Key items to look out for:

  • The real business phone number for Spoonts Appliances Inc. in Temple is (254) 791-1973.
  • They only conduct business in Temple, Salado, or Killeen and you will always speak to Philip Spoonts.
  • If the business name has the word “repair” in it, that is not the real Spoonts Appliances, Inc. business.

If you feel like you have been a victim of this company, you can file a report with the Bell County Sheriff’s Office.